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Service Online Systems

2m company offering integrated services in systems of companies and institutions solutions where all stages of the work to complete the requirements, including the face (analysis - Database design - the design of interfaces - Programming - the test - the system) and so when the integration of all these elements is the client has a powerful system safe by the aspirations and visions of the client. Nbermj facilities requirements of the strongest and best languages ​​PHP with MySQL database or ASP.NET with SQL Server database.
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Programming and systems development companies
processing technical support Web Systems (Support Centers) to provide innovative and distinctive service To your customers.
systems and advertising solutions to manage servers and ads delivered in the sites of newspapers, publishing, networks Content, and others.
e-governance and management procedures Business Process Management.
Electronic Archiving (Document Management Systems) Modern to reduce cost and improve performance.
customer relationship management systems (CRM)
Systems cost Online according to the agreement and requirements
Some of our business
Important Notes
  • On the client must clarify the system's programmatic demand or application in detail.
  • On the client should follow the workflow to request and provide all the applications to get the job done on time. )
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