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Software and Business Solutions
Compatible with global search engines
Mobile Applications
Better quality and lower cost
تطبيقات الجوال الذكية
Work smart mobile applications
Best applications
Speed ​​in response
Stronger protection
And a clear program of how to promote the application of
تصميم وبرمجة مواقع الانترنت
Design and programming Web sites
High quality professional designs
Keep pace with technological advances
Programming languages ​​modern and secure
Linking the social networking site pages
برمجة الانظمة الاون لاين
Programming systems Pokerschool Line
Remote administration
Presented modern and sophisticated systems
Information and communication technology systems
Different systems electronicallyً
الدعايا عبر الواتس اب
Propaganda through August Alwats
New and modern way to communicate with customers
Send announcements and photos Vdyohat and Tekest
Transmitter to millions of figures
Inquiry guarantee access for each member in the list
إدارة المواقع الاون لاين
Management sites Pokerschool Line
Frbak stronger professional and high-tech
Administration continuous and distinct
Continuous update within the site
Linking your social networking sites
استضافة أمنة للموقع
Hosting safe sites
High-speed servers
Stronger protection for your site
Technical support for the duration of the contract 24 hours a day
Servers and plans NES


View my school My school site stronger schools promising site to communicate And integration between all parties to the educational process At any time, anywhere between The student and the teacher and the school and the parent With ease in communication through the website Private school in addition to the new service Daia Alwats August and also make a copy of your site on a mobile gift
متوسطة الطحاوى
Features View my school
اخبار المدرس

Scripts View School News

The programming scripts show the school in a manner News To be very professional and have a distinct problem of light in the load You can through the Control Panel in the news and other control You want to appear in the Scripts Home
خدمات طلابية

Student Services

This section promising to include all student services In terms of knowledge of the results and figures sit And follow-up classes schedule
الموقع على الجوال

Site on mobile

The work of a special version of the location of the school is working on tours Be very, very light, and show your site through mobile A simple and easy way of browsing devices Rangers Which helps to browse the site from all over the place At all times
مواقع التواصل الاجتماعى

Social networking sites

Linking school site social networking sites In terms of participation and comment while adding any content shows Automatically with Facebook and Twitter and this makes an appearance Your site to the biggest slice of Visitors
أنشطة ومسابقات المدرسة

School activities and competitions

School activities and competitions have been programmed for this section presents the Activities and contests offered by the school Whether monthly or weekly activities
تصاميم هدية

3 designs gift to you

Zouk was taking into account the different was preparing my school site More than 3 different colors and Zouk and you can choose what Doing work with a very distinct possibility You change your logo with every occasion
عضوية الطالب

Student membership

Member registration system is divided into three memberships The first organic student can follow the agenda School and can see the results and figures Sitting
عضوية المدير والادارة

Membership director and administration

Second Membership Director and the possibility of adding the administration Level
عضوية ولى الأمر

Memberships guardian

Third organic membership allows follow-up of students In the level of student achievement You can follow the audience and the departure of the student
رؤية ورسالة المدرسة

Vision and mission of the school

This section has been programmed manner until it is high Control in view of the vision and mission of the school Through the Control Panel
الالتحاق الالكتروني

Enrollment mail

This section is designed to facilitate parents who wish to Enroll their children in school just fill the form Presentation by all the required data
مراعاة SEO والـ CSS

SEO in mind and CSS

Where they are taken into account in the design and programming to be more Visible in the global search engines Taking into account also be your light in the load And fast browsing in using modern methods And advanced cutting and installation
بنك الاسئلة

Questions Bank

Bank of the questions specifically promising to introduce important questions Possible to inspire any visitor to the site And provide scientific manner to benefit students Special offer
انجازات المدرسة

The achievements of the school

The achievements of the school you through this section Add the achievements of the last The school in terms of, for example, the work of new buildings Images of development Add plants and services and study centers achieved
الطلاب المتفوقين

Talented students

Students excelling where image is displayed student named And information about him, which encourages students to succeed And excellence and is considered a kind of tribute to students displays a distinctive style of presentation
البوم الفيديو واليوتيوب

Album video and YouTube

The creation of a special channel on YouTube private school And the addition of the site in which in addition to a A very distinct possibility you can add Vdyohat By raising the video of the device Directly to the site
الكلمات الدليلية


You can add any when the subject of his lyrics Add Tagged its own or related words Which helps in the archive pages on our global search And increase your visibility through them and bring more visitors
رابط الواتس اب

Alwats August LINK

This is a special offer to our customers the way And reflect the best means of propaganda successful Pench 90 percent We work department to compile figures on Rangers School site with the non-recurrence of these figures and their appearance is Salary will help you to send news and school activities
Vivid image of the control board
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي
  • لوحة تحكم موقع اسلامي

How to look for an Islamist Web site control panel?

The design and programming of the control panel, where we take into account the highest technology to be light And easy to use even if your capabilities was the work of a simple cognitive features Many time-saving as soon as you enter the control panel, and easy access to what you want

Ease of administration

Added, the amendment and the full control In sections and topics, and pages, Correspondence and private and public, all of these Controls are one-click button

Add supervisors

The possibility of adding to the site supervisors through Control Panel and can be in Salehyat Each Musharraf separately in terms of Modification, addition or deletion
Other Features
About the school this section special introductory school and you can start a biography of the school with the amendment to the page through the Control Panel
educational articles in this section presents educational articles and articles educational benefit of students, which increases the number of followers of the site
GD this word written by the school director and can be offered in the main page or in a special page
faculty teachers here displays show a distinct style and attractive and can add their photos and information about them
Learning Guide is a useful links to sites possible benefit students such as educational sites and ministerial positions and so
stages and tuition displays here grades in school as well as all expenses-style stage show a distinct and attractive
suggestions and complaints from visitors to the site can provide a specific proposal or specific complaint to the school administration by administration sent to the site
messaging system so that the visitor who wants to choose a section correspondence such as Directors or Director etc.
Programming sections for a variety of advertising space in more than one place at the site on the home page and internal pages and you can through those advertising spaces Google Adsense participate and profit from advertising during that also
accurate statistics of the site entirely in terms of the number of visitors and most visit and work periods graph of visitors to the site
get the latest school news this section Permanent promising to communicate with visitors to the site where you can communicate with them via email and mobile
Photo Album Photo Album is designed for a very distinctive way, and you can control the images from the control panel and also add other sections
the possibility of changing the control panel Arabic and English language
of the possibilities of the control panel to take a backup copy of the base data to ensure the conservation Aldata biz site-specific
You can through the control panel to send a message to visitors from the mailing list and you can identify one person or identify all visitors once
the possibility of adding supervisors to Control Panel and identify each Salehyat Musharraf Add, modify and delete
poll can through this feature to work Lmouka a poll for visitors with the possibility of adding a large number of options for the poll
h the possibility of adding a large number of options for the poll
Ali of our school sites
Important Notes
  • any other software can be added to the site at any time where they will be Ahzbha own request by the cost The client.
  • For the design, if you want a special design you will be the work of a very distinct design and offer you three examples to choose Kprovh Among them is calculated to SR 500.
  • You can change the names of all sections, but keep the same style of script presentation.
  • hosting pleased to offer you the gift of space your site and domain half the cost of a gift to the offer to choose Appropriate plan for you please go to the hosting service.
  • memberships student membership membership guardian membership director of these three sections, especially the cost of her 900 riyals.
  • to request special programming or special design or any other request please contact us.
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