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تطبيقات الجوال الذكية
Work smart mobile applications
Best applications
Speed ​​in response
Stronger protection
And a clear program of how to promote the application of
تصميم وبرمجة مواقع الانترنت
Design and programming Web sites
High quality professional designs
Keep pace with technological advances
Programming languages ​​modern and secure
Linking the social networking site pages
برمجة الانظمة الاون لاين
Programming systems Pokerschool Line
Remote administration
Presented modern and sophisticated systems
Information and communication technology systems
Different systems electronicallyً
الدعايا عبر الواتس اب
Propaganda through August Alwats
New and modern way to communicate with customers
Send announcements and photos Vdyohat and Tekest
Transmitter to millions of figures
Inquiry guarantee access for each member in the list
إدارة المواقع الاون لاين
Management sites Pokerschool Line
Frbak stronger professional and high-tech
Administration continuous and distinct
Continuous update within the site
Linking your social networking sites
استضافة أمنة للموقع
Hosting safe sites
High-speed servers
Stronger protection for your site
Technical support for the duration of the contract 24 hours a day
Servers and plans NES
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Thanks to God, has been completed and the design of programmable electronic newspaper Tabuk in new garb

صحيفة تبوك

We are delighted that we take global standards approach and proof of the adoption of our sites and our software where we offer design services and web development professionalism Systems management and the creation of companies and bodies Online

You can send applications for employment with the company on the tendency Next :

Alwats campaign in August

Send a picture or video ad to 10 000 number now

واتس اب تو ام

700 SAR

400 SAR Only

  • صاحب شركة ليفنت ميديا

    Amer Ershaid

    His company Levent Media

    Dealing with your esteemed wonderful and credible, professional and high professionalism You have the ability to meet the needs and goals of the customer and vigorous follow-up to the customer Honesty and speed of accomplishment Mazatkm
  • مدير صحيفة تبوك

    Fahad Al-Ayed Al-Rashidi

    Director of the newspaper Tabuk

    Thank you within your work, the truth is I did not find cooperation and brotherhood and love as And her grandmother have. In the technical field Praise God I found you full commitment of time and accuracy in the design and programming work.
  • يحيى احمد آل مشاري

    Yahya Ahmed Al-Mishari

    Tusk team founder Tim

    Company or great toe and I had the honor to deal with them and I am one of those who by virtue of They dealt with it has been noticed that their services do not end at the delivery site, as is the case with the majority of companies, programming and design
  • الشادى سعود الحركان

    Shady Saud Harkan

    Director of the Institute of Innovative

    A word of thanks and gratitude .. facets to the group or to the software for its The coolest site for innovative technical designs and innovative for their efforts Efforts to show our most beautiful image.
  • مدير شركة اديسكو بايبس

    M. Saad Eltahawy

    Company Adiseko Pipes

    Greetings Yishrva always deal with you because you are good when everyone thought And thank you for attention and for Del Xi demonstrates your attention to customers Thank you And good luck


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